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What Is A Lead Magnet & 5 Examples You Can Use Today


What Is A Lead Magnet & 5 Examples You Can Use Today

Gaining attention on the internet can be quite a challenge, let alone gaining customers.

The average website visitor stays on a website for less than 30 seconds, and most of them will never return.

If you’re spending large amounts of money on traffic, most of it could be a waste if you’re not doing it correctly.

Top marketers will tell you that building a list of leads and customers is high on their priority as they can consistently build value and market to them.

lead magnet

Effective list building takes work, offering a pop-up to register for your newsletter just won’t cut it. An Email address is personal, People are not going to give it to you unless you’re offering something they really want.

This is where lead magnets come in.

What is a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an offer that you promote to prospective customers in exchange for their Email and possibly other information like name and phone number.

Growing an Email list should be a priority in your marketing strategy if you want to be successful in acquiring customers online, and to effectively build an email list, you’ll need a good lead magnet

What makes a good lead magnet?

  • High Perceived Value: The reason a lead magnet in the form of a newsletter subscription won’t work very well is because your audience won’t see much value in it. Your lead magnet should be perceived as highly valuable, even better is to ensure it’s high in actual value.
  • Instant Gratification: Your audience is always looking for a solution to their problem immediately, of you can fill this gap, you’ll be well on your way to building your list.
  • Demonstrates Unique Selling Position: When your audience takes action on your lead magnet, they should also be more convinced that they should be using your services, instead of your competitors.

Why Lead Magnets Work

Using digital marketing, one of your goals is to generate more awareness and build trust and credibility.

Lead magnets are an important part of this process as they make a connection with prospective clients who have never heard of your business, and allow you to gain their Email in exchange for something valuable.

Lead magnets can also help to qualify prospective customers by asking for a small commitment from them, especially if you get them to fill out a form with a bit then just an Email address.

5 Examples Of Lead Magnets

1. Coupons/Discount Codes

Everyone loves a great deal. Most people do a bit of online research before making a purchase, so it makes sense to position your business in front of your audience when they are hunting for that better deal.

discount code

2. Trial

Free trials are usually given with software purchases, however, this kind of offer doesn’t have to be limited to software. Think of a service you offer that can be given on a short term trial basis, to encourage a visitor to take the next step.

3. Case Studies

Case studies have been ranked as one of the most popular marketing techniques, used by more than 50% of marketers.

Case studies are real-life examples of your best customers who are using your products or services. Putting together a report on these cases can be a great way to persuade those prospective customers who are on the fence about using your products or services.

4. Checklist

Checklists should be kept short, no longer than one page.

These lead magnets help to cut out all the noise and give a quick solution, they’re great in a competitive market.

5. Webinars

Webinars can be a powerful form of lead magnet and a great way to qualify your leads as it takes a lot of commitment to get through.

Any lead that watches your webinar to the end is in a great position to be sold to


These are just 5 ideas for lead magnets, there are many more.

With the right lead magnet, you will be able to attract as many customers as you can manage.

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