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Select Your SurfSki Stickers

Choose from 2 types of stickers
You can select from 1 to 3 sets of either a DUC rack sticker, a pair of race stickers, or both.
I'll be getting the first batch to the printer on Monday 24th of May, so get your orders in.

See below for more info below.
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Rack Sticker
DUC rack sticker
This is a single sticker that goes on the tail of your ski and is required by the club. 

Note that you can also get hand written stickers from the club at no cost, this looks a bit smarter.
Surfski Race Sticker
race stickers
Set of 2
These come in a pair and go on the sides of your ski.

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DUC Rack Sticker
Race Stickers ( 1 pair)
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