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5 Reasons Why Your Businesses Needs A Google My Business Listing


5 Reasons Why Your Businesses Needs A Google My Business Listing

Google My Business was started in 2014 in response to the lack of Local SEO and how important it was to local business.

Google engine’s Venice update in 2012 was a major factor in this change, making search engines aware of the location and giving businesses in the area preference. The Venice update was also the birth of digital maps in Google Maps. When you visit a store for the first time, the chances are that you’ll look up the location and opening hours online. Google Maps has about 1 billion users a month. During Christmas, 78% of shoppers search online before visiting.

Google My Business may be one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using Google My Business for your local business.

#1 Key Local SEO PLatform

Google My Business gives local businesses more control over how their company information is displayed in search results.

Google has gone beyond the standard search engine listing for local SEO and has made the local business information more accessible and visible to people nearby.

When you click on a company in Google Maps you have probably noticed a business card is presented with important information such as contact information and opening times.

Having a Google My Business account gives you control over how your business is displayed in Google searches.

#2 A Valuable Channel of Communication

Google My Business has a messaging feature. Posts by the business owner are displayed in the knowledge graph on the top right side.

These messages can include videos and photos and are a great way to make your company’s listing stand out.

These messages are a great way to enhance promotional activities. For example, a coffee shop could create a message for a special they’re running that will show up alongside their listing. This gives the business a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers before they even click on your website.

#3 Ensures That Your Listing is Correct and Under Your Control

Even though you may not have a Google My Business listing that you created, it’s very possible that one already exists for your business.

Many Google My Business listings can be found on Google Maps that have both good and bad reviews that were not set up by the company. Managing your Google My Business profile is not only about having another SEO channel but also about controlling your business content on Google.

If a listing exists for a company but is not managed by the company, Goole will try and fill out the information as best it can, if Google can’t fill out the information it will ask the public for the missing information.

Naturally, knowing this you would want to take control over your own business listing in Google, ensuring the information is accurate. Afterall this listing is often the first impression people get of your business.

#4 Ensure No-one Else Claims Your Listing

This point relates to the previous one, and although less likely, it’s worth noting. If you don’t claim your listing, someone else could. Unclaimed listings can be identified by a small link that says “own this business?”

Anyone can click the link and attempt to claim the listing, however, Google has a very thorough verification process to keep imposters from claiming a listing.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to claim your business listing yourself.

5# It Is Local

Google My Business is aimed at helping localized businesses reach their community. Having a verified listing integrates your business into Google Maps.

Having the relevant local contact details such as address and phone number matches your business to people searching in your local area.

Manage Your Online Business Profile with 031Solutions

Google My Business is free! Anyone with a Google account can create a Google My Business listing. The verification process can be a little daunting and can take months if not done correctly.

031Solutions will manage the verification process of your Google My Business listing when using one of our monthly packages for your SEO and social marketing needs. Contact us for more details.

Google is the largest search engine and directory of services making it the go-to search engine when searching for businesses online. By getting your listing managed with accurate information, your business can be found on multiple devices in many different ways.

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